When you want to embrace modern technology and let it assist you in living a fantastic life, you can incorporate many things into your home to help you do this. From getting a robot vacuum cleaner to a fridge that tells you when you are low on groceries, the possibilities are almost endless. You can increase the convenience of living in your home and remove some stress from household chores. Below are some options you can consider that you can include in your home to embrace the latest technology and live a futuristic lifestyle.

Control Your AC Through An App

It gets hot in Malaysia, but you can ensure your home is nice and cool when you get home from work by using an air conditioning system you can control with an app. You can use your Smart Phone to turn your air conditioning on and off so it can cool your home before you arrive and ensure you can relax after a hard day at work.

Forget About The Vacuuming

You can forget about having to do the vacuuming again when you get a robot vacuum cleaner that can patrol your floors and clean up any messes. Once it finishes cleaning, it goes back to its docking station and charges itself, and the only thing you need to do is empty it when it is full.

A Smart Speaker

You can also get a Smart Speaker, which lets you link your technology and control it with your voice. There are various skills your speaker can use to turn on the TV, turn on and off the lights, make reminders and alarms for yourself, or speak to someone in another room.

Smart Lights

It is worth installing Smart LED lights in your home if you have a Smart Speaker; they are energy efficient, use less power than standard lights, and last longer. You can use the speaker or app on your phone to control the lights, and there are various things you can do. You can change the colour and brightness of the lights, turn them on and off, and have them react to music, changing colours and making patterns.

CCTV Cameras & Doorbell

You can also see what is happening and who is knocking at your door even when you are not at home by having CCTV cameras and a video doorbell. You can speak to people knocking at your door, which is ideal when expecting a delivery, and it helps to keep your home secure and prevent burglaries.