2 Modern SEO Practices to Every Marketer Must Pay Heed to

  1. Local SEO is important nowadays

People have been really using the ‘Near me’ searches. When they are on the go, they search on their phones about the products to buy and the places to visit. In other words, even if you’re not selling anything, you still need to be found on local searches. They need your contact details, opening hours and directions to your store. MediaOne makes the most of its SEO Singapore strategies for this new development in the user tactics to raise the website ranking in no time.

  1. Structured data is always a must

Search engines deal with infinite data and in a lot of formats. When they are crawling the web, they have to understand every data piece from every single page, and to make this easy, they pay heed to schema. It is a way to describe content that is organized in a structured way. It involves adding HTML code pieces of a page, and it makes the page more readable to search engines. Schema can be used for all content types. Google makes the use of schema for their knowledge graph, AdWords shopping campaigns, rich snippets in search results, and AdWords extension. Ensure to make your website review, inspect your HTML code, test your pages with tools provided by Google, and if the schema is not accurate, then fix the issues. To know more about the structured data and its working, visit the website today.